Welcome to the CRI Community!

We are launching the CRI Community and this site to evangelize the adoption of Customer Relationship Intelligence and the CRI Framework and to collaborate on how it is done. It will be evolving over the next few months. You can sign up here to be among the first to hear about what we're doing and to join us in pioneering this breakthrough new way to measure and manage sales and marketing.

We anticipate a working exchange called What Works and Why and plenty of room for customer stories-from stories of Amazing Customer Experiences to stories of Invisible Customers.

You'll be in good company. Executives and thought leaders in sales, marketing, customer service, customer experience management, finance, operations, process improvement, market research, business intelligence, data management, strategic planning, performance management, and more are already embracing Customer Relationship Intelligence and the CRI Framework. See what they are saying about Linda Sharp's new book.

The CRI Framework opens new opportunities for teamwork, for collaboration, and for management breakthroughs in strategy, innovation, process, intelligence, and profit. What role will you play?